The Jade Warden of Golmore,


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"We are like levin; swift, sure, silent and fatal. Never fail your duty, but never forget to be kind."

Green.In the language of the Far East, and many others besides, green was not even a word. Though later renditions of the Hingan tongue came to use 'Midori' to mean green, in the beginning the word for green was the same as blue; 'Ao'.Throughout history, green has meant many things.To the alchemists of eld, green is poison and sickness.
An evil color.
To the desert tribes, green is the mark of an oasis. It means health and badly needed water.
A sacred color.
To the Viera of Golmore, the Green Word is the creed and legislature by which they live.
It is law.
Amongst the Garleans, the color green is that of untamed land.
It is chaos.
To the people of the Shroud, the Greenwrath is a tool used to kill. It kills indiscriminately and instantly.
It means death.
To chiurgeons, green is the color of the healing magicks employed by miracle working medics.
It means life.
If you must know one thing, then know this;
She is very green.

Forest Name:???
City Name:Opo-Opo Midori
Class:緑魔道士/Green Mage
Race:ヴィエラ | Viera
Clan:ラヴァ | Rava
Height:Six fulms, two ilms. (6'2", 191 cm)
Weight:One hundred and fifty-four ponze (154 lbs, 70 kgs)
Eyes:Acid Green
Nameday:14th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon
Alignment:Neutral Good
Patron:Althyk, the Keeper
Address(s):The Goblet, Ward 2, Plot 20 (Primary) Lavender Beds, Ward 2, Plot 51 (Faewood)


She stands taller than all but the most outlying exemplars of her race; ears and Viera alike towering over the masses and denying her anonymity in crowds. Burnished skin ripples with barely hidden muscle, evidence of a lifetime in the wilds, taut against her form. Like all her kind, her age is nearly impossible to determine from appearance alone and instead has to be inferred by habit... and more particularly, her eyes.Her eyes are a vivid green, though they resemble the venomous colors of serpents more than any natural flora. To those familiar with the Shroud, they almost eerily resemble the horrific Elemental terror that keeps the Gridanians in line. Natural white strands have long since yielded in her exile to whatever color she's taken to dying it with, though they lack the presumed deterioration of the process.Every smile she gives shows elongated canines, like fangs; decidedly less leporine than the rest of her guise. As if to make up for that, though, she retains the curved tail endemic to the Viera of eld, though it often goes unnoticed given its distinct lack of expressiveness compared to her ears.